Light Duty Lifts

Rotary Light Duty Lifts are the standard for the automobile lift industry.  Rotary Lift has proven they are focused on creating lifts that increase shop productivity and ROI for our customers. 

Rotary Lift understands what can make your shop more successful; and our dedicated team of engineers has proven this with our continued in-house innovation and attention to producing quality, long lasting lifts.


Y Lift

Rotary Lift's 12,000 lbs. capacity Y-Lift uses a patented design to provide faster up/down speeds, more work area and access under the lift than traditional scissor lifts. With a 33% faster rise and 20% more workspace. You will have all the room you need to make repairs with a faster and more productive lift!

2 Post Lifts

The 2 post lift is the backbone of the vehicle service industry...And Rotary Lift sets the standard for quality, durability, and reliability. For decades Rotary’s car lifts have continued to dominated the market…with more than a million 2 post car lifts helping technicians in shops all around the world. Our designs are backed up with more than 85 years of engineering experience…tested beyond industry standards.