Taylor Dunn

From the day Taylor-Dunn shipped their first vehicle in 1949, they have pursued a singular goal: to build tough, rugged, dependable vehicles to move personnel, equipment, and materials.  It's that simple.  For over sixty years, their standard and custom vehicles - burden carriers, personnel carriers, stockchasers, electric carts, tow tractors & more - have been the leading solution for customers in a broad range of industrial, commercial, and ground-support markets.  Their guiding principle is to provide application-specific solutions, which are reliable, efficient, and economical.

Burden Carriers & Trailers

When versatility in load capacities, optional configurations, and performance is required, look no further than Taylor-Dunn's line of burden carriers.

Commercial Vehicles, Electric Trams & Trailers

Taylor-Dunn's commercial vehicles move people and carry lighter loads with economy and convenience for both industrial and commercial applications. 


Stockchasers are a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency in warehousing applications. These narrow-aisle, highly maneuverable vehicles bring the operator closer to the material that needs to be picked.

Tow Tractors & Trailers

Taylor-Dunn offers a wide variety of industrial and ground-support tow tractors to meet demanding requirements in the factory and on the tarmac.

Personnel Carriers

Taylor-Dunn understands that getting people to where they need to go is vital to reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Utility Vehicles

Designed to meet the needs of unique outdoor applications, Taylor-Dunn's electric utility carts and electric utility vehicles offer practical solutions with optimal performance.